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Kitten Care and the First Few Weeks

Welcome to the Ozark Ragdoll family! First of all, always know that we are here for you at any time and for any questions or concerns you may have. These babies have been loved on by us since day one when they took their first breath so we know them very well!

Before Your Kitten Comes Home

Nutro Kitten food: Please purchase a bag of this as it’s the brand they are used to eating. A kitten can have a sensitive stomach and switching food quickly can give them diarrhea, which is not something you want to deal with!  You can find it on Amazon,, or your local Petsmart. If you plan on switching to a different brand in the future, please do so very slowly. We ‘free feed’ which is where there is always food available for whenever the kittens are hungry. They are also used to drinking filtered water so please have some on hand if you don't already.
Also, be sure to have a litter box and unscented litter. We recommend setting up a spot in your bathroom or bedroom for the first few days so the kitten can acclimate to the space, people, and smells of their new home.

Cat-proof your home: Put away harsh cleaning products, human medications and household poisons. Many household plants are poisonous for cats so please check yours and re-home them as needed. If the newcomer is a kitten, lock away any breakables and remember to keep the toilet lid down.

The First Days

Before you are ready to go to bed the first night, play with your kitten and get him/her all wound up. Play until they are tired and ready to sleep. Then feed him and head to bed. Your kitten will sleep a lot better this way! We suggest that they sleep with you or your child in a bedroom. They are not used to being alone and may cry the first night because it is a strange environment and new people but having someone to snuggle with if they choose to can help the adjustment period. 

It is important to know that stress can cause kittens to have soft stools but don’t be
alarmed as this should firm up within a few days. If it persists longer than a few days, you can feed
your kitten
canned pumpkin (not the pie filling) twice a day to help firm things up. Stop any
canned/wet food during th
is time.

Go slowly at first: A new cat may need seven to fourteen days to relax and get acclimated to their new environment, family and other pets. Save meet-and greets with friends, neighbors and relatives until the cat is eating and eliminating on a normal schedule and in the right places.

Litter box: Should be placed in a quiet, low-traffic area. Clean regularly as cats like a clean place to do their business. If you find poop outside of the litter box, it may be because you are giving them too much space in your house too quickly!

Cat training: If you find your cat jumping on the counters, table and furniture where you do not want them, DO NOT HIT THEM. You can use a spray bottle with water. Cats learn very quickly.

Cats must scratch: Be sure to provide yours with a sturdy, rough-textured scratching post to save wear and tear on furniture. They love a cat tree by a sunny window to bird watch.

Playtime: Once settled in, a young cat or kitten will be eager to play. Stock up on interactive toys such as feather wands and kitty fishing poles to engage attention and direct energies toward a positive pursuit. Lots of playtime is essential to a happy cat and we recommend at least 15-20 minute periods, several times a day of one-on-one playtime with your cat. This not only helps exert that crazy kitten energy but helps build a bond between you and your new fur baby.


Please have your kitten examined by your licensed veterinarian within the first 7 days of arrival. And at 14 weeks your kitten will need its 3rd FVRCP vaccination. Please wait until your kitten is at least 6 months of age to receive the Rabies and/or Leukemia vaccinations.

There is nothing like having the comfort and companionship of a cat and we at Ozark Ragdolls hope you build a bond that will last a lifetime! Please stay in touch - we love to receive pictures and updates!

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